Monday, September 25, 2006

RIP, Braves Dynasty

On Sunday, the Atlanta Braves were eliminated from the National League wild-card race. Thus, their dynasty ends. Again, a job well-done. Time will tell if the absence of Ted Turner's money - and Time Warner's interest - will allow this team to rebuild anytime in the near-future.


Abne Lope said...
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Abner Lope said...

As a greater Atlanta resident and Braves fan, I wish to thank you for your article about the recent end to the Braves' Division Championship streak- particular thanks for highlighting the class with which this streak was assembled. John Rocker not withstanding, the Braves did it with class, sportsmanship and professionalism from not only big names like Maddux, Glavine, Gallaraga and McGriff, but with lesser known names like Rafael Belliard, Eddie Perez, Francisco Cabrera and Mark Lemke.

I wanted you to know that the class of which you wrote is as real here in the Big Peach as it is in the TBS telecasts.

And yes, I agree that Bobby Cox is a great manager and a true professional: always on an even keel, one never to rip his players or organization in the media, and never one to take credit for a team effort, but the first to take responsibility for a team setback.

As far as the Tomahawk chop, I don't think Braves fans wanted to come across obnoxious or gloating; I think we were just so desperate to have something to cheer about after the Dale Murphy trade and that 100-loss 1990 season that we wanted to ride the success of 1991 as much as possible because no one in Atlanta expected a 14-year run after so many years of last place finishes.


Abner Lope