Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hitting Zito a shock to Inge

OAKLAND, Ca. _ Brandon Inge, supposedly the Detroit Tiger with the least teeth, had a breakthrough against Barry Zito last night.

And he did not even know it.

Inge, the Tigers' No. 9 batter, started off a 5-1 victory with a two-out home run off the A's ace in the top of the third inning. Before that at-bat, Inge was just 3-for-24 lifetime against Zito.

"I didn't realize I was 3-for-24," Inge said. "I'm glad I didn know that stat before I faced him!

"I know he's a great pitcher. He's got unbelievable control. and you honestly need to get him in the zone or else you're going to swing at some bad pitches."

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