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Wow! Where'd yo get that time machine to allow you to post from Septmeber 14, 2007! So, did the Phillies make the playoffs in 2006?

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bigworm1911 said...

As a lifetime baseball fan, I am intrigued each year by the Hall of Fame voting process. In particular, I find myself mystified by the nuances of the voting. This is because every time I think I understand the criteria for election, I find myself surprised by the omission of certain players who performed at a level that merits induction.

This is very much the case with Jack Morris. I ask that you read below his many accomplishments that make him Hall worthy. This is the first time I have ever taken up the cause of advocating for a player’s election, but I feel it is necessary in this case. If you feel like I do that Jack Morris belongs in the Baseball Hall of Fame, then I ask that you forward this message along to other eligible voters (I know the names of only a few). I thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Jack Morris was a big game pitcher who put up numbers comparable with other Hall of Famers.

Ranks and Comparisons:

His 254 wins are more than 44 Hall of Famers and ranks 42nd all time.
His 2478 strikeouts are more than 57 Hall of Famers and ranks 31st all time.
His 3824 innings pitched are more than 42 Hall of Famers and ranks 50th all time.
His 186 losses are fewer than 25 Hall of Famers

Wild Pitches often cited against him but all but one of those ahead of him in all-time wild pitches are in the Hall of Fame.

Major Accomplishments:

Three-time 20 game winner
Ace of multiple teams (Tigers and Twins) as evidenced by his 14 consecutive opening day starts
Pitched for four World Series winning teams (1984, 1991, 1992, and 1993) winning with three different teams (Tigers, Twins, and Blue Jays)

His 10 inning shutout win (at age 36) in World Series clinching victory is considered one of the most memorable W.S. pitching performances.

Post Season Record
4-3 ALCS
4-2 World Series

1991 World Series Most Valuable Player
Five-time All-Star
Three-time All-Star starter (1981, 1985, and 1991)
Led League or Shared for Lead
Wins – 2 (1981 & 1992)
Innings – 1 (1983)
Strikeouts – 1 (1983)
Games Started - 2 (1990 & 1991)
Complete Games – 1 (1990)
Shutouts – 1 (1986)

Dominant for an era (80s) – winningest pitcher of the 1980s (162 wins)
No hitter – 1984

1981 - The Sporting News Pitcher of the Year
1984 - Babe Ruth Award
1991 - Babe Ruth Award

Miscellaneous Factors:

Character no off the field issues
175 Complete Games which in that era was high
Top 10 CY Young Voting – 7 times
Top 5 – 5 times
Top 20 MVP Voting – 4 times
Top 15 MVP Voting – 3 times
Fielding Percentage - .965 (Kenny Rogers .958)